Basketball Quickness Training

basketball quickness training

Do you want to see a difference just like basketball game on TV, just after doing few simple basketball quickness drills? Maybe you probably don’t believe it, but I’m telling you that basketball quickness drills are very important. In certain sports like in football, the phrase “speed kills” is word we are most hearing. One could say “speed kills” if you are watching Dwight Jones streak down the side line in a straight line, sure it’s in football. Or In a short amount of time an outfielder cover a great distance in baseball game. However, athlete’s playing is much smaller, that is the different in basketball game. Therefore, in basketball game, top end speed is not really a “killer” like in other sports. To do basketball quickness drills, here are the easy 3 things to do: First

On the court, mark a “V”. Starting at the closed end of the “V” mark while you feel together and forth landing outside the “V” mark. Get further up the “V” mark in every jump you made so that you have to jump more to reach the outside.


Box approximately 2-5 inches high or you find a low step. You should do as quickly as you can to stand in front of it, and jump on and off the box. Jumping onto the box and then off of it counts as 1 repetition, you should do it 10 repetitions in total and 3-4 sets.


Every time you cross to the other side, do a basic lateral shuffle from one end of the free throw to the other touching the line.

While you are blowing by your defender, you should remember this, in the game of basketball you got new quote “Quickness kills”.

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