Cone Drills For Football

cone drills for football

Wacces Agility Disc Cones with Transportation Caddy

Whether it is soccer or football training, cone drill is a very important aspect in every session. It is necessary to improve the agility of the players as well as their speed. However, when we think of it carefully, football is such a physical and demanding sport that requires a lot of strength. How on earth a plastic cone can survive all the unintentional stomping and kicking? Well, you need to worry about that if you use just any disc cones. However, if you use Wacces agility disc cones, everything will be different. Here are some reasons why you should go with Wacces disc for your team’s training.

Very Durable

Cone drills for football require cones with durable material. Of course since the goal of the drill is to train the player’s speed and agility, the cones are not supposed to be touched. However training session can be very exhausting and cone drill is not an easy feat to do, especially for beginners. So, occasional kicking and stomping cannot be avoided. Thankfully, the cones from Wacces come with strong and high quality materials. Even though the cone is stomped, the shape will not change and the cone will not crack. This is a very important feature because you can’t afford to buy new training cones every single time your players stomp on them. Moreover, the cones come with very bright colors such as green, red and yellow. These bright colors will increase the visibility of the cones. Therefore, the players can concentrate on their football speed training workouts without having to keep glancing to find out where the cones are.

Good Portability

Of course you can’t leave the cones at the football yard after every training session. You need to collect them back and put them in the storage room. Wacces knows about this struggle. That’s why their cones come with Transportation Caddy Perfect for Soccer feature. Simply stack the cones on the transportation caddy and you can bring the cones easily whenever you want. The transportation stand also comes with a hole on the upper part so you can carry it conveniently to safety after your speed training exercises for football end.


Your team cannot go to the top if you don’t have adequate football practice equipment. Make sure you only choose the best disc cones from Wacces for your team’s agility exercise if you want to have the best training session.

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