Speed and Conditioning Drills

Speed and Conditioning Drills

If you want to find a cheap and easy to find tool to do speed and conditioning drills, jump rope that it would be. It doesn’t hold a candle to jumping rope in all of the form agility drills, running drills and quickness drills. Before you get into bunch of fancy drills, I think all young athletes can do simple thing like learn how to jump rope.

Whether you wrester, boxer athlete or you just looking to burn your fat for the summer, serious rope work is you can definitely take benefit from it.

In order to get in fighting shape, you get the coordination down, intense metabolic conditioning using the rope is the best ways to do. More challenging such us jump squats, pushups, are great calisthenics to mix with.

Just using little space, a 5 bucks piece of equipment then you have a complete conditioning workouts.  Practice is a plain and simple thing to get good jumping rope.  In my opinion, instead of doing timed rounds, I’ve found that count total skips is easier for most people at first beginning.

How much “work” you are getting in can be exactly you know with this way and you can get all of your repetitions in base your progress off of.

Shoot for multiple sets of 100 rope hops/turns with your feet barely getting above the ground, start with single rope turn and double leg hop. Do slalom hops, cross over, single leg hops, double under, and a whole slew of variations eventually.

Varying your movement and mixing up intensity, do timed sets in the 2-5 minute range with the jump rope as a warm up tool or count total number of rope turns or a hardcore conditioning tool you can use – 30-60 second range of high knee running and do it in intervals sets, double under mixed with fast single rope turns, cross over, shuffles, lateral movement, etc.

Agility, timing, balance, rhythm, foot speed is what you can do with tool like rope, and trust me, it the most fund tools you can use once you get a hang of it.

Rope is great for outdoor training, completely portable and it’s super cheap.

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