Speed Chute Training

speed chute training

Speed Chute Training Has An Effect On Running Speed

Diligently practicing speed is a demand for a runner. Routine and scheduled training will improve your running skills regardless of the training method used. The speed chute training method is one way to increase running speed with a very significant effect. The use of speed chute is proven effective as acceleration training through progressive resistance to the burden carried. Another goal of training using this method is to train the strength of the muscles of the body especially the leg muscles so that they have more endurance against any conditions they experience.

The resistance made by your body to the speed chute that is used will improve the frequency of steps and length of steps and the transition to high speed so that it will allow you to run very fast after detaching from the speed chute. This technique is often used by professional running trainers, especially speed chute trainer. Over time, athletes who use this exercise will feel the difference when training using speed chute and during the race.

How To Practice Using a Speed Chute

Speed chute that is attached to the waist has several different levels of endurance. For speed chute workouts that you can apply at home can be done in stages. First at 50 meters, 100 meters and then the last stage is 200 meters in addition to doing agility course exercises. Before starting the exercise do a brief warm up first. In the first practice done at a distance of 50 meters do on a smooth track, you can use the soccer field as your training ground. After that, try running using a speed chute at a distance of 50 meters 3 to 6 times and allowed to pause for 15 minutes. Perform the exercise 2 to 3 times a week.

In the 100 and 200 meters exercises the method is more or less the same, but at a distance of about 50 to 100 meters, you must release the parachute using a tool called a velcro strap quick release. After the parachute cloth comes off you will feel the difference in your running speed. Do this regularly as much as 2 to 3 times a week and with a break of a break per one run is 30 minutes.

The Main Benefits Of Exercise Using Speed Chute

Its use is quite easy and its enormous effect on stamina makes this exercise method favored by runners. You only need to tie a chute-based speed chute to your waist using a hook and rope with speed chute sizes that can adjust to your posture. Besides the benefits of speed chute training that is easily applied by anyone and without side effects will create a very large resistance when you run so that it will increase a tremendous burst of power to create maximum speed.

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