Speed Training for Football

speed training for football

By Rini

If football, speed training is very important as well as strength training. Strength, explosive and instinct must blend together in order to become total package that will make you a star in the football game. High rank players must outperform among their peers is to sprint of 10 yard and 40 yard. At the end the different between excellent and good lies to speed.

You must know that is an important to learn about the difference of speed and acceleration. Most players do not cover more than 15 to 20 yards during the majority a football game. You know then that top speed is rarely reached by the most players. We can conclude that it not necessary to concentrate on 100 or even 50 yard sprint. All you do is focus on short runs; this is quite relevant to the task.

Important Methods for Increasing Acceleration

There are people are able to run faster than others, but you can enhance your speed and acceleration times. You can be great attacker or defender, because you have within you the power to become a faster runner.

These are some important factors to do:

  1. Overall strength is what you need to increase, every time you push your body of the ground, you have to have more power that can be exerted from you leg and muscles.
    • You must concentrate your speed within your muscles and develop your strength at the same time.
    • You will run faster if you enhance one of these factors, and you get twice faster if you increase both of them.
    • Plyometrics training and short sprints is what you need to concentrate in your efforts in order to increase your muscular contraction speed.
    • Just with your own body weight normally you can performed Plyometrics training
    • Put something weight to your ankles can lead to muscle and tendon tears quickly.
    • But be careful, if you got injured you will miss the game and just sits the bench.
  2. You need to understand sprinting form properly in order to enhance your running mechanics.
    • You will run faster if you run more efficiently, that’s it.
    • Don’t use toes, the heels to begin each step in your drive, just use the balls of your feet.
    • Don’t lean the entire body from the waist up, but lean the entire body forward.
    • Each and every stride must be used to push off the ground.
    • Don’t run with your arms flailing out in front of you, instead pump your elbows to the rear.
    • Keep your head still.
  3. There are a few differences mechanics once you are reaching, let’s say pass 20 yards sprint.
    • Degree is decreased in the forward lean.
    • Lengthen and relax in individual strides.
    • Arm is still amplified while arm action relaxes.

When talking about speed training for football, we must control breath, stretching, food that we take. Your body is attacked in every way, you have to be strong like a beast but still smart like a champion, don’t let emotion control you and you have to remain calm. If you do all of these, hopefully a new champion is born.

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