Speed Training Hurdles

speed training hurdles

Choosing Speed Training Hurdles

Speed training hurdles are essential equipment for athletes. No matter what sport you play, mini hurdle drills are something all athletes would benefit from. One of the best ways to train speed and agility is by training with speed and agility hurdles. Here’s how you’ll benefit and how you can choose the right hurdles.

What are speed and agility?

Speed is basically the speed at which you can move your limbs and body as fast as possible in a straight line. It’s also called linear speed. On the other hand, agility is what you need to change direction quickly. Agility is related to moving side-to-side or keeping a balance.

Why speed and agility training?

Speed and agility training is important. Even if your sport prioritizes strength and/or endurance more, you will benefit from a boost in speed and agility. It helps you improve your balance, move faster, and decrease reaction time. It’s why soccer players have soccer training hurdles and why football hurdles equipment is crucial for football, which mostly relies on strength and endurance.

There are many ways to train speed and agility. One way is to use equipment such as the agility ladder and hurdles. In this article, we will focus on hurdles.

Choosing speed and agility hurdles

Before buying adjustable agility hurdles, it is important to take several factors into mind, so that you can reap optimum benefits from the purchase.

1. Function and quality

Make sure that the adjustable speed hurdles you buy have high functionality. Don’t compromise on quality for the price. Good sports equipment is a worthy investment for your skills. High-quality hurdles will help you achieve your peak performance.

2. Material

Sports training is rigorous, so choose hurdles that are made from shatterproof plastic. This ensures that they’re safe to use for a long time.

3. Shape and size

Speed hurdles for sale come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Choose the size that is suitable, or choose an adjustable one to suit a larger group. Pick hurdles that have curved designs that ensure they don’t topple easily.

4. Color

Hurdles have different colors. You can choose ones that match your other sports equipment and accessories. It’s recommended to use bright fluorescent so that they’re easy to see, even at night or early morning.

5. Brand

Choose trustworthy brands such as SKLZ speed hurdles. Experienced, trusted brands usually have high quality and durable speed training hurdles.

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