Speed Training Karate

speed training karate

Speed Training Karate

Speed training karate is one of the important exercise types that you need to do if you want to be excellent at martial arts. By martial arts, it does not always have to be karate in the first place. However, in this article, we will tell you anything you need to know about speed training, especially karate.

Factors that affect your speed

As we have mentioned earlier, it can be used in various types of martial arts. Speed training drills for karate will improve several things especially if you do sparring activity or have to be in a real fight.

Some factors may also contribute to how your speed would be improving. For your information, the body fat amount in our body affects hugely on the speed as well as the anaerobic working capability of our body. The fast switching fiver can also affect the speed which has a lot to do with the flexibility we have.

When it comes to flexibility, it also has a lot to do with the joint movement range. If you master various techniques then you might be able to get an easy getaway from karate speed training exercises.

ankle resistance training

Ankle Resistance Training Speed and Agility Training Tool

Factors that affect agility

Other than that, some factors may contribute to how our agility would be. Speed training karate kumite may also improve your agility but it takes time. If you have excellent speed and flexibility along with good core strength, your agility will improve easily. Some other factors may include reaction time, eye-hand coordination, equilibrium, and the central nervous system. To improve agility quickly, you need to work in all those areas in the first place.

Drills to train without

Some drill exercises may help you to improve your speed and agility without using weights in the first place. The ankle resistance training speed is one of the many ways you can try. However, there are five top exercises you can try as well.

Long sprints up to 200 meters to get the best speed will force you to work on your anaerobic aspect. To do this exercise, you can use a clap, visual stimulus, or a whistling sound to work on the reaction time you have.

Fartlek is another way you should try. This exercise is a combination of long and short spring while you continuously running. This thing can also be applied to other exercises to work on the anaerobic and aerobic system as well. If necessary, try the agility training tool ankle resistance bands for karate as well.

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