What is Speed?

what is speed training

What is speed? It is the ability to perform rapidity of movement or action such as, running, swimming, walking, and many more. The ability to explosively change direction, brake and accelerate again is called agility. Sometime agility is more closely relevant to successful sports performance than all-out speed. Speed endurance is another element of fitness closely related to speed training. A high velocity for longer than 6 second is the time that many athletes must maintain or produce repeated with minimum rest periods in between. Athletes sport can determine agility, the combination of speed and speed endurance which required by him/her. There are several types that are integral to developing a fast athlete regardless of the event.

1. Power Training & Strength

Power is also known as the capacity to apply a large amount of force in a short period of time, this also determine the speed. Maximal force production for athlete movements takes 0.6 to 0.8 seconds, but mostly takes place in 0.1 to 0.2 seconds. The most powerful athlete is someone who can apply most force in the short period of available time.

Maximal force production can be increased by strength training. For the same period of time, more force can be produced assuming as a result, and yet strength training can increase power. The rate of force development and maximal force production, however still make sense to be increased. That’s why we conduct power training, because both power training and strength interact to improvement of speed.

2. Speed Training

To improve the firing patterns of fast twitch muscle fibers can be conditioned by practicing accelerating and moving. Speed training resist and assist two variations of basic speed training. Stride frequency improvement is helped by assisted training which also called over speed training. Stride length and speed-strength improvement helped by resisted speed training.

3. Agility Training

Very few movements which occur only in a straight line are what most team sports consist of. Those movements don’t occur for a fixed length of time or at a fixed pace. An athlete’s ability to perform sport-specific skills with dexterity and speed can be improved by quickness and agility training. Now let’s us for a moment compare strength training to speed training. Developing basic strength is first aim of a sport-specific strength training program.

Solid base of strength is on the premises can offered by greater physical potential to work with later on when converting it to sport-specific strength. Power training along with basic speed training can maximize the ability to move rapidly for the athletes. And if an athlete wants to improve their speed to sport-specific scenarios, then agility training can help it.

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